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We might not be Dr. Phil, but we know that relationships can be tough.

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Hot Girl Tinder Prank Brings Guys' Worst Nightmare to Life (video)

Guys, how would you react in this same situation?

Why does Aunty Acid have the best Marriage Advice? She's been married FOREVER.
Ever wonder why your makeout sessions tend to fizzle out?
How to know if your new guy has EVER had girlfriends before you?
They say eating can take the place of sex sometimes, but what you eat can also say a lot about your relationship.
Every couple show affection differently. You PDA styles says a lot about you and your relationship.
These parents are so cool, they deserve recognition!

How to Use Fame to Get Any Girl's Number

Watch a girl's view of a guy change instantly . . . wow!

How to know she's cray-cray.

Sleazy NYC Homeless Guy Survives By Sleeping With Different Girls Every Night

Meet Joe, after a day of panhandling and hard drinking, he picks up women every night and sleeps at their houses.

You will not believe the heart-wrenching reason why this man was wearing a dress at a recent funeral.
A bride-to-be honors her fiance in an incredible way that you have to see to believe!
Why being a Third Wheel is SO dang awkward!
Meet Dave Engledow, the self-titled 'World's Best Father' and his priceless viral family photo project!
Men who bravely endure the female world of shopping!
The secret is finally out ! A study found that these are actually biggest turn on for women .
Moms love their kids, but some of these confessions will have your skin crawling, or maybe just the butterflies in your stomach fluttering.
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